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Thursday, May 06, 2004  
Viruses and Worms

Most network security sites that I've been to during the last two days have reduced their overall security status to either a level 2, or level 1 since Sasser is well documented, and the threat has reduced. I've also seen some comments about the potential combining of Sasser and the Phatbot worm/virus. That's a scary thought. Joe Stewart of LURHQ has a nice writeup of the Phatbot worm/virus if your not familiar with it. The Internet Storm Center diary recently had a comment about the fact that the Phatbot source has been released, with documentation and HTML help.

I was working today on a network security report when it dawned on me that April was a very busy month. There were 32 viruses and worms released according to Symantec that were rated a level 2 or higher (6 were a Level 3, including the Sasser.a worm).

posted by David | 5/06/2004 04:29:00 PM


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