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Friday, March 05, 2004  
Wow, what a week for SCO

It's getting hard to keep up with the SCO news! First they sue AutoZone, then they sue Daimler-Chrysler on the same day that they report more losses in a quarterly financial report. Then ESR comes out with "the memo" detailing how Microsoft is funneling money into SCO through other companies. Then we find out that the Judge tells IBM to give them the basic AIX files, but SCO has 45 days to show proof, and they can't ask IBM for more files until the Judge approves of it. Then we find out that the "licenses" that several companies "supposedly" bought didn't really happen. CA all but says that they never bought a license and then Leggett & Platt states that they never bought a license. There's also the matter over the EV1 license that SCO says was a 7 figure deal and EV1 says hang on, that wasn't the deal WE made.

Here are some articles on SCO this week:
More on Recent SCOings On
MS Word FIle reveals Changes to SCO's Plans
Leaked Memo says Microsoft Raised $86 Million for SCO

It's Autozone
Now it's Daimler-Chrysler
Judge Wells' Order - SCO Doesn't get all AIX, IBM doesn't have to go first
The Memo is Legit
Computer Associates VP Says CA did not exactly buy a SCO License

Nobody could make this stuff up. It's priceless!!

posted by David | 3/05/2004 01:52:00 PM


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