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Thursday, January 08, 2004  
Review of 2003 viruses and worms

I've been checking out 2003 to see how things were last year. I wrote up the following summary for the folks where I work and thought you might gander a peek:

Most experts consider 2003 to be the worst year ever for viruses and worms. There were several significant virus events, including: SQLSlammer Worm, BugBear, Blaster Worm, Sobig, and Swen. These caused a significant number of disruptions in a wide ranging list of institutions, including Bank of America’s ATM network being unavailable for days after SQL.Slammer, Blaster and it’s variants wreaked havoc all over the world, causing Deibold ATM machines to stop working worldwide, delaying train traffic due to it’s spread inside CSX Railroad’s network, and crashing the monitoring computers of the Davis-Bessie Nuclear power plant. There is an investigation currently trying to determine if the loss of monitoring systems due to the Blaster worm at various power generating facilities prevented the early shutdown of systems during the great Blackout of 2003. Bugbear created attention due to it’s targeting of financial institutions (a first), and SoBig helped the spamming community setup another large group of machines to send out more anonymous spam with. All in all, 2003 was a watershed year for viruses and worms as many companies and organizations realized the importance of actively defending against these threats. The folks at F-secure Corporation have prepared a very nice write-up on the year: F-Secure Corporation Data Security Summary for 2003

posted by David | 1/08/2004 01:55:00 PM


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