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Thursday, October 02, 2003  

Here's an interesting article: Microsoft moves beyond patches. I'll quote: "Microsoft plans next week to outline a new security effort focused on what the company calls 'securing the perimeter'...". Hmmm... Let me see.. Firewall in place, check.. Blaster worm comes in through unprotected laptop, check.. It seems obvious to anyone in security that a hard shell and soft insides isn't enough security. The software either has to be better, or the security to guard the software needs to be better. Putting up more firewalls on the perimeter isn't going to help. Oh yea, and what do you do when a core protocol (RPC) that's required to have Windows networking work is flawed and requires a patch.. That's right Microsoft wants to secure the perimeter.

posted by David | 10/02/2003 01:03:00 PM


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