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Thursday, August 07, 2003  

Well, SCO may have fired the first round of salvos in this battle, but IBM isn't resting on it's laruels for long, especially with SCO's absurd Linux license deal. Their salvo, a counterclaim against the lawsuit, is detailed in this cNet article: Big Blue files counterclaims against SCO. A few tidbits include:

"In a 45-page document that it filed late Wednesday, IBM argues that because SCO distributed a version of Linux under the open-source General Public License (GPL), it can't claim that Linux software is proprietary. IBM also argues that SCO software violates four IBM patents and that the company interfered with IBM's business by saying it had terminated IBM's right to ship a Unix product, AIX.
The patents cover a data compression technique, a method of navigating among program menus that use options that are arranged in a graphical tree, a method for verifying that an electronic message was received and a method for monitoring computing systems that are linked in a cluster.
IBM's suit revealed that Novell on June 12 effectively forbade SCO from terminating IBM's AIX license. SCO said it revoked the AIX license on June 16. Novell maintained the right to issue such instructions to SCO under the terms of the Unix sale, the suit said."

I love the last one, as well as the GPL argument, the patents sure give it some teeth as well. I'm wondering if they are holding back some things (including possible BSD/AIX infringment by SCO) for a further salvo.

posted by David | 8/07/2003 01:42:00 PM


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