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Thursday, August 07, 2003  

Now, I'm sure that all good network admins know 100% of everything running in their network.... right? Security Focus has a The Register article on how Sysadmins in the dark about network problems. My guess is that most of the network monitoring is purely passive in nature to show trends and other long term issues, and not used for daily "oops, that ftp delayed the custom sql app from running optimaly". I guess Packeteer want's to sell their app because adding more bandwith is a knee-jerk reaction; yea only it's your Sr.VP going "Fix it or else" that most of us hear!

The article is interesting because it brings up the point that we all should from time to time check our network usage (what's being sent through the pipes), as well as bandwith issues (do we have a big enough pipes). Some of us actually get audited on these very things and have to show these to an auditor (fun!).

posted by David | 8/07/2003 02:29:00 PM


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