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Wednesday, August 06, 2003  

Here's a real shocker (not): Study Reveals Bad Password Habits. The article notes the following: "In a survey of 3,000 administrators, managers and security specialists, Rainbow found that 55 percent of users write their passwords down at least once and that nine percent write down every password at some point. Even worse, 40 percent of the respondents said their users share passwords with co-workers or other people.". Much of this any IT manager can tell you, but I found some of the quotes to be real jucy, take this one for example: "Passwords are a real problem, but we continue to keep our heads in the sand and our fingers crossed." Ok, passwords are bad, but what do you propose to resolve it. Remember that commercial with the bald folks who had to submit to finger print id, retinal eye scan, and dna sample at every screen-saver lockout. Is that the answer??? To me, personally the problem is that I've got about 40-50 passwords to keep and there's no way I can do that in my head, I have to record them somewhere. I guess this hit a nerve today.. (ouch).

posted by David | 8/06/2003 11:28:00 AM


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