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Friday, August 22, 2003  

Here's a cNet interview with SCO legal consul Mark Heise: SCO's big legal gun takes aim. He's got some interesting quotes, ones that might come back to haunt him, including: "Let's say you have a hundred files, and you put one of your hundred files under the GPL. That doesn't mean you've lost the rights to your other 99 files. So I don't think it's going to have an impact." and this one: "SCO is not the one that put its copyrighted System 5 source code into the GPL. It was another Unix licensee that violated the terms of their licensing agreement." The thing is, that even if it's in Unix System V release 4, it may not be SCO's property, nor SCO's copyright. I happen to be cleaning out a closet and found a Unix System V Release 4 book in which it talks about the fact that this release of Unix is comprised of code from: Unix System V R3, BSD Unix, Sun Solaris, and Xenix. Three of these are *not* part of Unix, and not exclusive property of SCO. See the Bruce Perens post below for more details.

posted by David | 8/22/2003 03:12:00 PM


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