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Wednesday, August 13, 2003  

Found this article (and the press release by SCO) to be very interesting: SCO pulls Sequent's Unix license. If you'll notice, they are pulling Sequent's license not IBMs, and they supposedly are preventing any "new" sales of Sequent's Unix (Dynix/ptx). This is a major shift from their previous tact. It also talks about 168,000 lines of code int the NUMA, and RCU multi-processor code. Very interesting considering that these don't apply to single-processor Linux (for which they are granting a "license" for now), nor does it deal with the issue of IBM's development of these pieces of code (some throught the Sequent deal and some through IBM itself). As others have pointed out, SCO continues to distribute said code through it's Linux offering still available by FTP on their site...... strange.

UPDATE: 8/14 - Found out (through another article) that this isn't a different "tact", it's in addition to pulling IBM's license.

posted by David | 8/13/2003 02:13:00 PM


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