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Tuesday, July 08, 2003  

Here's an interesting article. Seems a grad student working on his Phd has mapped out critical infrastructure points across the country. In this Washington Post report entitled Dissertation Could Be Security Threat they talk about the concerns that this information could be a security threat.

I thought it was quite to the point when the CIOs "...were 'amazed' and 'concerned' to see how interdependent their systems were." It's quite clear that they, like most folks, put security way down on things to worry about. Many companies don't know where their T1s, T3s, etc are coming from in the streets outside their buildings. My company had *many* T1s taken down because a Bell's internal Fan System to keep water out of it's trenches broke down. We learned the hard way... but we're better off now due to the migration to Fiber.

Some of the things in this article I don't agree with. If this information was in public domain, most of it probably still is. Why then all the concern? Yes, terrorists can hit some of the T1s, T3s, and voice lines but there are backup sites, for both the companies and for the Bells. That's what they are for. I don't agree that this should be "classified".

Interesting subject with a never ending debate......

posted by David | 7/08/2003 12:27:00 PM


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