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Tuesday, May 06, 2003  

Why is Novell shooting itself in the foot. Here's an article about Novell Netware v6.5 entitled: Novell Bets on Net Services. You'll find quotes like this in it:

Longer term, Novell has announced that starting with NetWare 7, it will be delivering its software as a set of services that may be run atop either the NetWare or Linux kernel. Novell's current support for Linux includes its eDirectory product and Extend Application Server.
This move should enable Novell to persuade more companies to join the NetWare fold.

No, I don't think so. Here's why in another quote from the same article:

Along with improvements to file, print and directory services, NetWare 6.5 will ship with a set of key open-source software components, including the MySQL database, Apache Web server, Tomcat application server, and support for the PHP and Perl languages. Pricing hasn't been announced.

Why would I pay Novell for Netware, that's going to migrate to Linux sometime next year when I could just go to RedHat, SuSe, Debian, etc and run Linux TODAY, with all of this already available in a solid tested multi-user platform???

Novell should admit Netware is dead, and move on with it's other software only products and see if it can exist. These moves just seem to be only delaying the enevitable.

Oh well. Hey, my manager is still slightly bullish on Novell still. Why, I can't figure!

posted by David | 5/06/2003 05:08:00 PM


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