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Wednesday, May 21, 2003  

Sorry about yesterday, seems it wasn't a good day (even over at Just Another Geeks Blog). I've been working on a distrubtion of a new software app to some of our branch offices, and we had two of them that wern't working until about 11:00am (should have been working at 8:30am). I've gotten no help from the vendor [it's a custom app, and we seem to be their debuggers at times], and then I had to get preped for the next set of branches (we've been averaging two a night). On top of all that, there was a laundry list of other minor issues going on, including getting stuck in a two hour meeting that was suppose to be "5 minutes". Didn't have any time to check the IDS, nor the other things on my daily checklist. It's been, well, disappointing in regards to other areas at work as well... Hopefully when I come back from vacation in June things will be a little smoother....... (ok, maybe not but one can hope can't one :).

posted by David | 5/21/2003 01:06:00 PM


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