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Tuesday, May 13, 2003  

Gregor Freund (co-founder and CEO of Zone Labs) notes a change in Hackers beginning in 2003. Here's his column in cNet News: Hacking 2003: The new agenda.

Personally, from my perspective, I can't entirely agree with his column.

He talks about how to grasp targeted attacks and then uses Code Red and Nimda (very un-targeted, spew everywhere, atack anything worms) in the same sentence. We then get the "lost productivity" issue brought up. Where is discussion of why these systems weren't secure to begin with??

Then we jump to the outlandish: "Such exploits could yield top-secret national intelligence, valuable intellectual property or sensitive customer information." Why isn't this stuff behind firewalls, with strict access controls?? Do you put your diamond rings out on the font porch to dry and then run off to the store expecting them to be there when you get back do you??

My big pet peeve is that "hackers are getting more sophisticated". Well, so are the guys tracking them, and the average system admin has more tools, and easier to use tools available to them than ever before. The amount of info on the web on how to lock down systems is staggering. Not to mention free things like Linux OS, IDS, Packet Sniffers, Network Security Analyzers, and other more sophisticated hacking and anti-hacking tools.

Anyway, it's a good debate, and I agree that we can't let our guard down, but common sense still isn't out of style :)

posted by David | 5/13/2003 05:49:00 PM


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